Ahead of the Greenwich Healthier Communities Fund being launch in April 2024, Groundwork London have been holding events in extension of their online Consultation Hub to find out what the communities of Greenwich would like from this new fund.

A grant created for the community, by the community

Established by the Greenwich NHS Charitable Funds, in partnership with the South East London NHS Integrated Care Board and the Healthier Greenwich Partnership, the Greenwich Healthier Communities Fund aims to tackle health inequality across the borough. The fund spans three years and is geared towards expanding on the remarkable work done by partners across the borough in recent years. 

The grant programme will fund groups and projects that prevent and react to key health issues in Greenwich, to ensure everyone has equal access to the services and support that they need.

Groundwork London is managing the fund delivery and supporting partners in designing the structure of the fund with community members. We are consulting with residents, community groups and organisations in the borough to ensure the fund has a positive impact and meets the health-focused needs of the diverse communities that live and work in Greenwich.

We recognise that the insights and contributions of local communities are vital for ensuring this fund is accessible and impactful. There are various ways you can get in touch with us to help shape the fund, from completing our survey to attending an event, more information can be found on the consultation hub on our website

The Consultation Hub: a space to design change

You can find out more about how we are engaging with communities in Greenwich via The Greenwich Healthier Communities Fund Consultation Hub.

This engagement involves hosting a series of events hosted to seek valuable and honest input from those within and closely connected to the people of Greenwich. These events provide a safe space for discussions around the topics and barriers to health support. These events are helping our grants team to carve out focus areas for the grant to best support the people in Greenwich who need the most support, now.

So far, we’ve held events in Woolwich Arsenal, Blackheath Westcombe, Eltham Town & Avery Hill and remotely via Zoom. The discussions to date have been very valuable and informative. The Consultation Hub has focused on accessibility, application support and project delivery support. We want to ensure this fund helps small and medium sized community groups to access funding that will allow them to develop and be sustainable, so they can continue to do essential work that prevents and reacts to health inequalities. 

Building lasting change

The consultations will continue to take place through various formats, including in-person focus groups, larger seminar-style sessions, surveys, and one-on-one discussions. This multi-format approach means our events are available to everyone and we can gather a range of perspectives, creating a fund that caters to the unique needs of all groups across the borough. Visit the Consultation Hub webpage to find out more.

Find out more on our dedicated grant webpage here.

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