Child and pensioner involved in an activity at a community event

Helping communities in Greenwich to live healthier lives.

Coming Soon! – We anticipate launching this strand in early May 2024

Aims of the Delivery Strand

This strand aims to help organisations to a) continue delivering and develop, or b) start to deliver, projects that aim to prevent and respond to health inequalities in Greenwich. We know that there are many organisations across the borough that possess the knowledge, skills and capacity to deliver projects that meet the aims of this Fund but may not have access to funding to help deliver them.

This strand focuses on providing funding to small and medium-constituted community and voluntary sector organisations, and delivery partnerships led by such organisations. We are particularly interested in proposals that involve collaboration or partnership amongst different organisations.

Projects will need to align with the Greenwich Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which sets out the mental and physical health and wellbeing priorities for the next five years in the borough.

What funding is available?

  • Small awards of between £5,000 and £20,000 are available to deliver projects over a 12 or 18-month period, depending on the size of the grant.
  • Medium awards of £20,000 to £50,000 are available to deliver projects over a 12 or 18-month period, depending on the size of the grant.
  • There is a maximum of £1,000,000 available within this grant strand over the first year.
  • Grants will be paid 50% on the award, with 25% being paid once mid-project reporting is received and the final 25% in arrears on completion of all final reporting and monitoring requirements (though alternative payment schedules may be agreed where applicants can evidence a clear need).

Who can apply?

Applicants must be based in or operating in Greenwich and can be:

  • Educational Establishments
  • Religious Organisations
  • Registered Charity
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Social Enterprise
  • Constituted Community Organisation
  • Friends of Group
  • Tenants and Residents Association

Partnerships or collaborative applications are eligible and encouraged. In such cases, there must be a lead applicant that is one of the organisation types listed above (though delivery partners can include non-constituted groups and individuals).

Please note that Companies limited by shares, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts, or organisations controlled by any of those organisations, are not eligible to apply.


There are two application deadlines a year. Applications will be open for two months. The final deadline for applications is currently set at 6 January 2025 (see below). The strand will initially be open for one year.

The timetable below sets out the relevant dates on which applications open and close, and when application workshops will be held.

Applications openEarly May 2024
Application workshops/surgeriesw/c 20 May 2024
First application deadline9am 22 June2024
Second application window opensw/c 04 November 2024
Application workshops/surgeriesw/c 25 November 2024
Second application deadline w/c 06 January 2025
Delivery deadline for first round projectsFebruary 2026
Delivery deadline for second round projectsAugust 2026

How to apply

Please note, that this funding strand is not yet live for applications but will open in early May 2024. Application guidance will become available when this strand is launched in May 2024.

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