Nature-based solutions (NBS) have emerged as innovative and sustainable approaches to address a myriad of environmental challenges while simultaneously benefiting communities. Our nature-based solution projects harness the power of nature to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity, and improve the resilience of ecosystems. Our NbS projects not only look to mitigate the impacts of climate change but also provide valuable ecosystem services, such as clean air and water, and create opportunities for recreational and educational activities within our local communities.  

By integrating nature into our solutions, we are forging a path towards a more sustainable and resilient future for both people and the planet.  

Get involved by joining us in our commitment to nurturing and preserving the environment through the following transformative NBS projects. 

“It has been such an exciting journey within the Nature-based Solutions team delivering a range of projects across the Northeast, from bespoke fish refugia on the Blyth, to Floating Ecosystems on the Tyne and saltmarsh restoration schemes on the Esk.”

Hellen Hornby – Programme Development Manager

Revitalising Our Estuaries

RoE has pioneered NBS for habitat enhancement and restoration, impacting over 467 hectares of landscape, providing social and environmental benefits. Through the project we have improved nature across six costal estuary areas and created jobs in the environment sector, positively impacting the economy.

Wansbeck Restoration for Climate Change

WRCC will create or restore six habitats over 10 sites, showcasing how different landowners can come together fight climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote carbon sequestration, in a way with many benefits for nature and society. Over the Summer of 2023 teams will start the physical and biological monitoring work on site.

native oyster surveying

Wild Oysters

Native oyster numbers have declined by 95% since the mid-1800s due to over-harvesting, habitat loss, pollution and disease. This project seeks to reverse that decline.

Tyne Estuary Partnership

Invested in the long-term environmental and economic enhancement of the estuary; this strong, strategic, influential partnership is making a meaningful and sustainable impact on the River Tyne and the region as a whole.

Floating Eco System

Floating Ecosystem

Through its flagship Revitalising our Estuaries programme; community and environmental charity Groundwork NE & Cumbria has spearheaded the development of a first of its kind ‘floating nature island’ to be installed on Newcastle Quayside in July 2022.

We are experts in project management, delivery and in pulling together partnerships with relevant experts to tackle nature based projects.

Michele MacCallum – Principal Landscape Architect