We help companies large and small put their corporate responsibility strategies into action by connecting them with communities and helping them build social value into their services.

We’ve worked in partnership with businesses in all sectors to help them make a difference on the ground for over three decades. From major national partnerships to one-off employee volunteering events, we work flexibly with businesses to understand their needs and design programmes that benefit their employees and customers as well as the communities in which they operate.

With projects all around the country, we’re unique in that we can combine local knowledge and networks with an ability to manage relationships and capture impact on a national level. We’ve worked with household brands such as Tesco, Barclays, M&S, Britvic and Cadbury and know how to design programmes that build brand value while delivering community impact.

By working together we can help you  engage your colleagues and customers in a way that delivers pride as well as purpose. Are you ready to change places and change lives?

We can help you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to communities:¬† helping us to protect and improve the spaces and services that make our local areas vibrant, healthy and sustainable
  • Take a lead on the climate crisis: by supporting our local community initiatives you will be empowering people to take grassroots action on the environment and our specialist advisers on waste and resource efficiency can also help you reduce your impact and move a step closer to the circular economy.
  • Deliver corporate responsibility: we can work with you to co-design a corporate responsibility partnership that harnesses the unique strengths of your brand and workforce to play a positive role in the communities where you operate.
  • Inspire your employees: through volunteering days in real-life community projects we can help your colleagues give something back, boost their skills and build more effective teams. We can work together to deliver large team challenge events that make a tangible impact in communities or build long-term links that help grassroots groups benefit from your skills and resources.
  • Create social value: we can help you think beyond shareholder value and deliver social value too – designing your services in a way that supports community infrastructure, promotes local skills and employment and minimises harmful impacts on the environment.


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