We help housing associations and other registered providers make neighbourhoods safer, more attractive and more vibrant places to live while helping residents improve their personal prospects and their ability to manage their money.  That means working with your tenants to help them live more affordably, heating their home for less; work together to improve their surroundings, while learning valuable lifeskills such as food growing and cookery; and develop the confidence and networks to escape isolation, improve their job prospects and succeed in work.

We’re helping with longer-term challenges too, designing landscapes that reduce flood risk, adapting homes and neighbourhoods to our changing climate and testing new approaches to supporting community integration and place-based social action.

We can help you to:

  • Tackle fuel poverty: our ‘Green Doctors’ help vulnerable people boost their income by saving energy and water, so that they can live more comfortably and reduce their environmental impact. 
  • Climate-proof your estates: we specialise in providing landscaping interventions like sustainable urban drainage that can reduce flood risk as well as making places more attractive to live in. 
  • Support tenants into work: we know how important it is to housing associations that their tenants are able to pay their bills.  Our life skills and employment support programmes can help your tenants grow their confidence, increase their employability and take crucial new steps towards education, training and employment.
  • Improve your open spaces and reduce your maintenance costs:  our range of landscape services can help you to transform neglected spaces on your estates, working with your tenants to realise their aspirations, while our Green Teams can provide a high quality service with added social value.
  • Tackle anti-social behaviour and promote youth participation: through the provision of targeted youth work within your neighbourhoods and by initiating social action projects that bring people together across the generations.

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