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Changing places, changing lives - one green step at a time

Big global issues – the economy, the environment – have a big local impact. We work across the UK helping communities find practical solutions to the challenges they face.

Welcome to Groundwork West Midlands


  • Ageing Better in Birmingham

    Groundwork West Midlands will be leading on the Every Step of the Way strand of Ageing Better in Birmingham, supporting the Experts by Experience, a group of older adults from across the hubs who themselves have experienced social isolation.

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  • Groundwork West Midlands to deliver innovative NCS pathfinder programme this autumn

    Do you know or work with 16-17 year old young people who would benefit from a life changing experience this October? Groundwork West Midlands are one of the successful charities who will be delivering the NCS programme this October.

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  • £1k, £3k & £5k available to help your local community grow.

    Bags of Help is Tesco’s local community grant scheme where the money raised from the 5p bag levy in Tesco stores is being used to fund thousands of community projects across the UK. The projects must meet the criteria of promoting community participation in the development and use of outdoor spaces. Bags of Help is administered by Groundwork and supported in Scotland by greenspace scotland.

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  • Stacey's Story

    "The support I have received from Groundwork West Midlands is amazing, the staff are so friendly and helpful. it’s real team work. They have helped me build my confidence up again"

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  • Cook and Eat Well programme opens it's doors to the homeless

    Our Cook and Eat Well programme in Stoke-on-Trent provided the opportunity for people currently staying at hostels, with a greater sense of awareness around healthy eating, improved cooking skills and meal suggestions in readiness for when they eventually moved towards finding their own independence.

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  • Let Groundwork West Midlands be your Charity of Choice

    They did it! A 10K Wolf Run through some serious wet muddy terrain, they charged through army like obstacles, they swam through a lake AND raised over £500 on behalf of Groundwork West Mids. We are lucky to have true green leaders around us! You too can support Groundwork West Midlands today...

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  • Groundwork West Mids are Callisto Integration's charity of choice

    Groundwork West Midlands have been selected by Callisto Integration employees as their charity of choice.

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  • From Bare to Beautiful

    As part of our Active Neighbourhoods project in Birmingham; local residents wanted to make their area in Alum Rock more useful and attractive in the form of a garden. So that is exactly what we did for them! #LoveYourGreenSpace

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  • Love Your Green Space

    Our ‘green infrastructure’ is as vital to our quality of life as our transport, power or digital networks. Research has found that the act of gardening can fulfill every essential human need across four the existential states of being, doing, having and interacting.

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  • Groundwork West Midlands supply funding to recycle food waste

    Groundwork, West Midlands have supplied the funding for two small composters which will be fed a mixed diet of garden waste and food waste left over by a local café which already runs off food waste from supermarkets! The rich compost produced will be fed straight back into the greenhouses and beds on site and managed by volunteers. The projects aim is to encourage healthy living and is part of a whole web of projects all over Birmingham.

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  • Groundwork ‘gold star’ for corporate volunteers

    Groundwork is celebrating the work of a range of corporate volunteers with a dedicated week (8-12 August) honouring their commitment to helping create cleaner, greener places across the UK.

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  • Work for Groundwork West Midlands

    At Groundwork West Midlands, we take our responsibilities to our staff very seriously. We are accredited by Investors in People, which means a career with us will provide you with lots of opportunities for training and personal development. After all our work focuses on changing lives we want to help people change their own work lives for the better as well.

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  • How volunteering at Groundwork West Mid's has helped me find my hidden talents

    Lauren’s experience at Groundwork has culminated in her creation of an interactive Landscape Improvement Toolkit, for the use by members of the Landscape Design Team in Staffordshire University; adapted for use by many other spheres within the workplace or industry.

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  • Sustainable Education with Plum

    'Over the years I have been very fortunate to work with countless schools and hundreds of children and young people. Whether this be in a garden, at the farm, park, woodland, canal or even spraying Yellow Fish on the roadside! Groundwork has given me the great opportunity of being able to deliver learning in the best classroom, the outdoor one and this is why my role has been so fulfilling and rewarding.'

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  • Groundwork response to PAC report on Government’s Green Deal

    “There is now a significant body of research which says that practical advice and support from trusted, impartial local sources can go a long way to ensuring a sustainable change in behavior and putting more people in control of their energy use" Says Graham Duxbury, Groundwork UK, CEO

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