Groundwork Green Teams teach practical horticulture and landscape skills to people who need support to get into employment.

Green Team training is undertaken on-the-job, with the teams doing real work to make the communities they operate in greener and better for all. Team members also receive additional help and support that reflects their individual needs, such as mentoring, qualifications and guidance.

Wide shot of Green Team working at a school

The majority of trainees are under the age of 25 and many have left school with few or no qualifications. The hands-on and outdoor nature of the scheme suits many trainees who often tell us that they did not do well in the school classroom environment. It is also common for trainees to have multiple barriers to getting work, such as mental or physical health issues or other challenges such as growing up in care. For this reason, team leaders need to be good not only at teaching the skills for the job, but also in providing guidance, building a work ethic and confidence, and tailoring support to individual trainees.

Green Team is the first step into a career in horticulture for many, but can also be valuable as a stepping stone onto other things by providing participants with the qualifications or self-belief to engage with other work or learning.

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