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What we do: Greener living and working

All of us – individuals, businesses and organisations – need to work together to combat climate change and use our resources more wisely. Groundwork is committed to helping people and organisations take action to deliver both practical benefits now and sow the seeds of a more sustainable future.

Recent extreme flooding events in both Manchester and Lancashire, underline the need for everyone to work together to reduce carbon emissions and adapt our neighbourhoods to a warmer future.

The Greater Manchester Low Carbon Pledge calls for climate change action to be part of the Greater Manchester way of life to create a better city-region for everyone. We are helping businesses become more sustainable and in the process benefiting by avoiding waste, cutting costs and improving the wellbeing of their employees. In neighbourhoods our Green Doctors help people manage their money better, heat their homes properly and avoid winter illnesses. 

This service has really helped and supported the disadvantaged families I work with. They found it very helpful and useful and the advice that has been given will help them to save money from their electric and gas bills. The families can now understand the budget they have left on the meter and are working towards this, and realising where they are using more electric and how they can save it.
Yasmin Akhtar, Early Help Practitioner, Manchester City Council 

Services include:

Sustainable Business Service Green Doctor

Groundwork in action:

Carbon Literacy Training

See how we can help you become Carbon Literate with just one day of training.

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Addressing water quality

Helping clean up our rivers by working with local businesses.

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