Our vision is for every young person in Greater Manchester to have a fair and equal chance of fulfilling their dreams. Regardless of their background, all young people in Greater Manchester should feel connected with their community, and with nature. They should have access to learn the skills they need to grow both personally and professionally, and have access to opportunities which allow them to grow in confidence and become resilient and adaptable to change. We want to live in a city where young people’s voices are heard, where they regularly speak about issues which matter to them, motivated by the fact that decision makers listen and take action.

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We are always open to new and innovative partnerships with those who share our vision for Greater Manchester’s young people.

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How will Groundwork help make our vision for young people a reality?

Our youth workers and employment specialists support young people between the age of 10-24 to help realise their ambitions and grow for the future specialising in:

In addition, we support the wider youth sector to enhance their knowledge and capacity to engage young people about environmental social action.

Why is change needed?

Inequalities and injustice

It’s well known that where you are born and where you live effects your life outcomes, however, despite this knowledge there are still huge variations across Greater Manchester. According to Greater Manchester’s Poverty Monitor in 2022, 145,000 children are living in poverty, representing one in every four children.

Health & wellbeing

Young people’s health and wellbeing is driven by a number of factors, from relationships and support networks, physical activity and access to greenspace. This wide variety of driving forces means that youth support is required in many different areas of young peoples lives.

Access to employment

Young people’s employment opportunities were massively effected by the COVID19 pandemic, with the unemployment rate reaching 14.9% in 2020. Although this number has dropped, young people are still twice as likely to be out of work than those over 25.

Climate change

Young people are one of the groups most effected by climate change, so understandably want to see major changes. A report from NPC highlights that young people want to learn more about the issues and help gain access to green jobs and training.