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Community Activity Grant Programme

Groundwork UK, in partnership with Sport England and Clarion Housing Group, is seeking to support local organisations in two pilot locations (Salford, Huntingdon & North Cambridgeshire) to develop and deliver community-based activities to encourage people to become more active.

Grants of up to £10k are available to support community-based organisations to develop new initiatives to encourage physical activity amongst people who currently do very little, helping them to embed longer term sustained activity. The grant is focused specifically on organisations who have access to different groups of people within the community, and who have not previously been funded by Sport England.

Who can we fund?

The grant fund is available to:

  • Charities, not for profit organisations, community groups and clubs, public sector organisations. Priority will be given to smaller organisations who require support to develop their project;
  • Groups/ organisations with a governing document in the name of the group/organisation;
  • Groups/ organisations with a management committee of at least 3 unrelated members;
  • Groups/organisations who will have the relevant insurance, policies and procedures in place to deliver the project by the time the grant is awarded

The majority of grants will be awarded to organisations who have not previously received a grant from Sport England. Previous recipients of Sport England funding will be considered only where they are proposing to deliver a new type of activity designed specifically to engage inactive people in accessible activities. Activities considered to be ‘business as usual’ amongst sports-orientated organisations will not be considered for this fund.

What type of project can we fund?

  • Aim to engage the people who are currently least active in your local area. Research suggests this could include (but is not limited to) women and girls, people from lower socio-economic groups, older people, disabled people, people from particular ethnic groups and those with long-term health conditions;
  • Offer activities that will appeal to local people. They should be enjoyable, accessible, appealing, easy, and practical;
  • Aim to move participants from ‘inaction to action’ (defined as two 30 minute activity sessions each month), promoting sustained physical activity for at least 6 months;
  • Deliver activities that have the potential to be sustainable and ongoing beyond the life of the funded projects;
  • Create opportunities for beneficiaries to take their first steps towards participation in ‘recognised’ sports of any kind;
  • Require a grant of between £1,000 and £10,000;
  • Will be completed by no later than June 2018;
  • Have secured all relevant permissions, for example from the landowner on projects involving parks or open spaces;
  • Require largely revenue based funding to support the cost of activities. A small proportion of capital funds will be available in addition to the revenue funds to pay for small items of equipment.

What can’t we fund?

  • Activities where people are excluded on religious grounds
  • Activities which promote religious beliefs
  • One-off events or trips (for which you cannot demonstrate promotion of sustained physical activity)
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. spending that has already taken place)
  • Salaries for existing positions in your organisation
  • Continuation of an existing activity
  • A project that has already started
  • Replacement equipment
  • Help with general running costs (heating/rent etc.)
  • Activity classed as a high risk sport (for example archery, boxing etc) unless supported by qualified coaches or organisations (affiliated to the National Governing Body)

The programme is currently not accepting applications. For more information on how to apply for other grant schemes, please visit either the Tesco Bags of Help or One Stop Carriers for Causes pages.

If you would like to find out more about the Community Activity Grant Programme, please email