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Symon's story

Symon* has been attending youth club for a number of years, and has recently been receiving one-to-one mentoring sessions with Groundwork’s trained youth support workers.

Symon first started going to youth club to build up his confidence. He is autistic and English isn’t his first language, so he found it difficult to make friends.

Whilst at the club, Symon realised he could also benefit from one-to-one support, so he approached his Lead Youth Worker.

I was having some issues with one of the girls in the centre and it was making me quite stressed

His stress and anxiety towards the conflict was starting to result in him feeling quite angry.

I didn’t know how to cope with the situation, I just felt really angry with it and everyone else

Symon talked to his youth workers about his feelings and they discussed lots of different ways he could manage them. Together they made a diary and discovered what triggered his anger in order to find the right coping mechanisms for him. Over the sessions they also reflected on what a healthy relationship is and how to understand different emotions.

Symon now has a friendship group within the youth club and is studying sport at college, where they are also supporting him with further counselling.

Thanks to my youth worker I can cope now; I go to college and I would like to be in the army.


*name has been changed to protect his identity


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