North East and Yorkshire

Green Doctor FAQ's

Will I be charged for the service?

No, it’s absolutely free! We receive funding from local authorities and housing associations so the visit or any of the materials we use won’t cost you a penny.

Who will be coming to my house?

There will be one or two Green Doctors who carry out the visit. They will usually ring beforehand to let you know they are on their way and to check the time is still convenient.

Will they carry ID?

Yes – all Green Doctors carry an ID badge which they will happily show you on arrival.

I think the Green Doctor service would be useful to my friend/relative, how can I refer them?

You can refer someone by passing us their contact details (please let them know we will ring!) or they can contact us. Please bear in mind our eligibility criteria when you refer people.

I’ve arranged an appointment but it isn’t at a convenient time any more, can I change it?

Yes – give us a call and we can change it right away.

Do the Green Doctor team give group talks?

Yes. If you think the Green Doctor service would be useful for several people in a community group / organisation we are happy to give talks about the service and answer any questions.