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Stuart is one of our Hopeful Families participants, who joined the programme after struggling to cope with the death of his wife two years ago. With the help of Hopeful Families, he met his family mentor, Jenni, who supported Stuart on his journey to improve his and son James’ situation.

The family mentor’s role with Hopeful Families is to set up 1:1 sessions with either an individual or the family as a whole, at their home or at a neutral location, to have a chat and discuss the different support available to them and help them access it. The programme is based in Wakefield and is individually tailored to meet each person’s needs, to offer support and advice in areas such as personal development, health and wellbeing and also building life skills, as well as directing participants to childcare support and financial advice.

After several months on the programme, Stuart and Jenni sat down together to discuss how Hopeful Families has benefitted Stuart’s life…