North East and Yorkshire

How We're Supporting Families and Young People

Please note – this information is being regularly updated as new projects develop.

Groundwork North East’s Youth Work Goes Digital!

Young people are particularly impacted by the emergency restrictions in place and we are working hard to ensure they continue to receive the support they need to stay safe, continue with mentoring, learning or training and help to protect their mental health.

In the North East, Groundwork’s youth coaches have digitally transformed their programmes. Each week the ‘#IWill Northern Navigators Pathway Programme’  youth coaches have been creating a new schedule of exciting online content for youth participants to access via a private facebook group.

Activities include isolation disco, tutorials e.g. The Live Well Centre Gym’s fitness sessions, Tiktok competitions, quizzes, challenges, videos, podcasts, local talent showcasing young musicians, artists and DJ’s, job vacancies, online learning, voluntary opportunities, signposting to local resources of help and one-to-one support via messenger with the participant’s youth coach.

Every young person who requests to take part in the facebook group receives an introductory resource pack. Regular input from participants is now being used to develop future content as the coaches respond to their needs.

Message Marty using the link below for more info:


#IWILL Youth Café

The #IWILL Youth Café in Middlesbrough operates in collaboration with Co-Op Foundation, aiming to tackle youth loneliness as part of the #IWILL campaign that encourages youth social action to improve mental health and wellbeing in young people, boosting their skills & self-value.

The Café has now become a “virtual” youth club led by the participants and facilitated by youth coaches. It is held via facebook every Thursday between 2pm-4pm and includes open discussions, guest speakers, tutorials and shaping youth social action projects, such as a project with ‘Ageing Better Middlesbrough’.

Ageing Better have provided some of their members with tablet computers and mobile phones to prevent them from becoming isolated. Our young people will teach them how to use them remotely.

The Youth Employment Initiative is taking new referrals offering every participant a Weekly Wellbeing Review to discuss how they are feeling and ensure they are following government guidance. The team successfully placed a young person into a keyworker role last week!


Better Place Bradford Project

Better Place works with families of children under four to improve neighbourhoods in the ‘Better Start Bradford’ area – creating access to safe, clean outdoor spaces to walk, play & grow.

The team have actively adapted their delivery to continue interacting with the communities they work alongside daily, by using social media to reach into their networks and extend their hand digitally.

The team have been creating nature activities and challenges on their Better Place facebook page that toddlers can enjoy at home, in a garden or yard with their families; and asking the parents to send in photos of the results!

By maintaining engagement with local families the team can continue with the community co-design side of their greenspace improvement work.

Soon they will be asking the families to send in drawings and pictures of improvements they would like to see take place in their local parks and public greenspaces, ensuring that the community who use these outdoor areas can help co-design the developments and input their ideas.


DurhamWorks Youth Employment Initiative

DurhamWorks Youth Employment Initiative is a dedicated programme for young people aged 16-24 living in County Durham who are not in education, employment or training, funded by The European Social Fund and supported by the European Youth Employment Initiative and it’s delivery partners.

A partnership programme between Durham County Council and 9 organisations working together to support young people, the Groundwork North East team brings it’s own expertise and experience to provide a tailored service for each young person.

Their amazing team have led the way over the past few weeks in response to the COVID-19 crisis with a masterclass on new ideas for digital engagement! Exploring how to continue connecting with youth participants who are at home during the lock-down by using digital solutions. The youth coaches have been creating weekly Podcasts distributed through the Groundwork NE & Cumbria facebook page, to support their young people via free, accessible online channels.