Dear Partners, 

In London, we are sad to say we have come to the end of three years delivering holistic support to refugees and migrants. Our delivery of services and sessions wrapped up in November 2023. Our innovative and community driven approach has resulted in highly successful refugee and migrant programmes. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during our delivery time. Together we have achieved so much for our communities, supporting them through their journeys and helping participants overcome challenges and barriers and feel a sense of security and hope. Through the delivery of our services and sessions we have enabled positive changes to take place and help people regain control of their lives and rebuild a future in the UK. 

We have developed a detailed signposting package for project participants which you will find below. If you would like any further guidance on this please let us know. 

Extended Services: January 2024-March 2024

We will be continuing to fund sessions for Hong Kong British Nationals Overseas until March 2024 so please get in touch for more information or referrals via:

We will be continuing to deliver some services in Kent and Hastings until March 2024, so please get in touch for more information via: 

We will be continuing to deliver some services in Bristol until March 2024, so please get in touch for more information via:

If you have any questions please contact Rupal Shah: 

TOGETHER is a collection of projects delivered by Groundwork London and Groundwork South, supporting refugees and non-EU migrants to settle into life in the UK. Our projects offer a stepping stone, facilitating people in finding social support networks, job opportunities, and language skills towards socio-economic integration.

Our projects offer a range of services focussed around three pillars of integration:

  1. English Language Skills
  2. Employment Advice
  3. Social Activities (including well-being and resilience post COVID-19)

Projects are delivered either face to face or digitally (depending on government guidance).


We are looking for volunteers! If you’re interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Find out more about volunteering with Together:

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Our projects are located around London and in parts of South England (Bristol, Hastings, and Kent), and are part funded by the EU Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

Our Projects

IMPACT works to support refugees and non-EU migrants living in West London and Bristol with English Language Language Skills, Employment Advice, and Community Activities.

Together South works to support refugees and non-EU migrants living in South East London, Kent and Hastings & Rother with English Language Skills, Community Activities and Employment Advice (in London and Hastings & Rother).

Other Services in London:

Though our projects working with Asylum Seekers have come to an end, we have created a series of resources, documenting other services in London supporting Asylum Seekers. Some of these services are also appropriate for those who are refugees or migrants. Pleach check details.

Refugee Week 2022: ‘Healing’

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. At Groundwork, we explored this year’s theme: ‘Healing’ with participants from our Together programmes.

Past Projects:

Together Hounslow delivered Rise and Shine sessions for refugees and migrants living in Hounslow, focused on improving mental wellbeing for participants.

Together Healthy Minds supported Asylum Seekers in London, offering social wellbeing, ESOL, and casework, alongside trauma-informed therapy services which are delivered in partnership with EACH counselling.

Circle supported refugees living in East London with English Language Skills, Employment Advice, and Community Activities.