Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust is going out to public consultation from today until Sunday 31st May to invite public response on the proposal that Groundwork North Yorkshire trust become responsible for the management of Leeman Road Millennium Green, in York.

We are delighted to inform you of these exciting discussions.

CONSULTATION NOTICE: Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust; Charity Number 1077557


Since its formation in 1998 the volunteer trustees of Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust have worked tirelessly to transform and then maintain the six and a quarter acre Millennium Green site in York from an area of rough scrubland into a wildlife haven of trees, meadows and wetland habitats, used by local people for walking, recreation and community events.  More recently the trustees have secured significant investment, thereby helping to secure the future of the Millennium Green.

Future Plans 

The current trustees of Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust, who have dedicated the last 20+ years to managing the Millennium Green, are now (for various personal reasons) looking to step down from their roles, and have therefore approached Groundwork North Yorkshire to accept responsibility for governance and management of the site. Groundwork North Yorkshire board have carefully considered the proposal put to them and believe that it would be in the best interests of Groundwork to move forward with it.

Whilst the intention is that we will act as sole trustee of Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust, once the current trustees step down, we are exploring the idea of having in place a local steering group to help guide our decision-making in relation to the Trust.

Public Consultation

Before Groundwork North Yorkshire and Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust move forward with and make a decision on the proposals, we are seeking views as follows:

Q1. Are you supportive of Groundwork North Yorkshire becoming sole trustee of Leeman Road Millennium Green Trust and therefore responsible for management and governance of the Trust?

– Yes or No? If no, please explain why you are not supportive.

Q2. What are your thoughts on the proposal to set up a local steering group?

Q3. If a local steering group is set up, would you wish to be involved?

– Yes or No?  If yes, please provide your contact details.

Q4. Are there any other issues you would like to address or raise, or other comments you would like to make in relation to the proposals noted above?


In order to have your say, please contact Steve Maxwell, Chairperson of the Trust, by no later than 31st May 2020.

Steve’s email address is and mobile number is 07927 086470.

Photo credit: Mark P Turner