Groundwork Yorkshire and Awaretag Partner with Northern Gas Networks to Improve Home Health.

Groundwork Yorkshire and Awaretag, in a landmark partnership sponsored by Northern Gas Networks, have embarked on a pioneering research project titled “Healthy Homes, Healthy People”. The initiative aims to assess the impact of home conditions on residents’ health and wellbeing.

The research focuses on evaluating the heating, ventilation, insulation, and damp and mould performance of homes. The ultimate goal is to understand how these factors influence the lives and health of the inhabitants.

Data collected from the project, along with insights gained from home visits, will be used to assist society’s most vulnerable. The project aims to help these individuals improve their homes, gain access to financial aid, and receive referrals to healthcare and community groups.

Preliminary findings have highlighted the challenges some households face in adequately heating their homes. The resulting damp and mould conditions have been linked to adverse health effects. In response to these findings, Groundwork Yorkshire and Awaretag have developed a tool that allows residents to assess the affordability of heating their homes and identify if they require additional assistance.

This tool will enable a more targeted approach to alleviating fuel poverty and its associated hardships. It will also facilitate discussions with councils and landlords about the support they can provide to enhance home comfort.

The project is gaining momentum as more councils, housing associations, and community healthcare groups join the cause. The next milestone for the team is to measure the impact of Asthma during the winter months.

For more information about the project, please contact Alan Spall or Erika Smith.

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