At Groundwork West Midlands we are passionate about creating a future with community is at its heart, one that is vibrant and green and one in which everyone can shape their own destiny and reach their potential.

We pride ourselves on being a community charity with a green heart, working across the whole of the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, the Black Country and Coventry.

For more than 40 years we have been supporting and working alongside our local communities to build better, greener lives. We help people tackle climate change, combat fuel poverty and navigate the cost of living crisis.

We are also committed to improving skills, getting people back into work and inspiring the next generation of community champions and green leaders.

We rely on the support of a huge range of individuals and organisations to do all we do. We can work with you to improve lives in a particular neighbourhood or city or collaborate on a UK-wide programme. Your time could be of huge value to our work, and in turn we can help develop your skills and support you to improve your local community.

Please support our vision for a society made up of sustainable communities.

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  • Energising Communities

    The Energising Communities programme has been supporting households at risk of fuel poverty with energy advice since March 2020. The start of the programme coincided with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, creating new challenges and opportunities. This report looks at what we have learned during one year of delivering this programme. Published August 2021.…

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  • Report cover image: a young boy is entertained by a street performer blowing bubbles

    Regeneration and a green recovery

    This report looks at the role town centres play in regenerating urban areas and helping communities towards a green recovery. It explores ways that town centres can contribute to our social and environmental wellbeing in the future through: connecting people with nature; community hubs; cultural spaces; sustainability centres; and high street communities. Published May 2021.…

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  • Picture of a woman and children in a park with flowers in foreground

    Out of Bounds

    Natural spaces in our towns and cities have lots of benefits: for our mental and physical health, for communities and for the local economy. However, not everyone has equal access to these benefits. This report looks at the evidence on equity in access to urban nature and how we can address it. Published May 2021.…

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