Our Services

Here you’ll find a summary of all the services that Groundwork offers.

Community Services

We help people come together to positively change the places in which they live for the better, and to develop their skills, build their confidence and forge new friendships. Partner with us in the West Midlands to create stronger communities.


We offer employment advice and support, training courses and work experience, run a host of support programmes, work with care leavers and people with disabilities, and develop tailored local initiatives with housing associations, employers, schools and colleges.

Young People

We put the voice and interests of young people at the centre of all we do. Our work includes promoting youth participation and social action, delivering youth work, and ensuring that all our plans and programmes empower future generations.

Energy & Water

At Groundwork West Midlands we are energy efficiency, recycling and water conservation experts – working with utility companies, housing associations and local authorities and helping our local communities tackle fuel poverty via our Green Doctors programme.

Corporate Responsibility

We help organisations put their corporate responsibility strategies into action by connecting them with communities and ensuring social value is an integral part of their business plans and day to day running.

Grant Management

We are a leading and trusted partner for organisations – both big and small – that are seeking to distribute grant funding in the West Midlands. We will work with you to ensure your funds get to the people and places it is most needed.

Sustainable Business

We help businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes create a plan of action to become safer and more sustainable. We can work with you to help you cut your costs, reduce your carbon impact and be more efficient and resilient.

Landscape Services

We help groups, organisations, businesses and landowners create and develop landscapes and green spaces that will boost wellbeing, increase resilience and bring happiness, health and joy to all who enjoy and use them.