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Trafford Ecology Park - msstt

Our base: Trafford Ecology Park

Trafford Ecology Park now has it's own website! 

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Groundwork MSSTT is based in Trafford Ecology Park, one of Greater Manchester's most surprising hidden green spaces.

Generally it is open to the public Mon-Fri 9am-4pm (excluding bank holidays and the Christmas and New Year break), but we do recommend that you check the webiste or contact us first on 0161 220 1000 or email: if making a special visit as occassionally we do need to close the park. 

Tucked away behind an oil depot in the industrial Trafford Park, our beautiful Ecology Park is a registered Site of Biological Importance and a true wildlife oasis.

The 11-acre park was once part of the de Trafford family estate, but was enveloped by encroaching industry in the early 1900s. The lake is actually what remains of Trafford Park's ornamental boating lake and boating continued on the lake until the 1930s, but by then its water had become polluted by asbestos and oil seepage. In the following years, the area was used as a tipping site by industry and partly filled with construction rubble and slag from steel works. 

Restoration work by Trafford Council and Groundwork Salford & Trafford in the 1980s and 1990s created the current park which is home to a variety of habitats and has an abundance of wildlife waiting to be explored!

Foxes, weasels, rabbits, hedgehogs, lapwings, kestrels, herons, coot, Canada Geese, and several varieties of newt can be found within the Park, which is a designated Local Nature Reserve. 

"I work within the Trafford Park area and find it amazing and delightful to travel down to Trafford Ecology Park in my free time to enjoy this amazing piece of natural beauty and wildlife. One would not believe this is set in the middle of what is/was an industrial estate." - Charl Van De Berg  

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