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Green Jobs

To create a better and greener future and meet the government’s carbon reduction goal, thousands of new green jobs need to be created across multiple sectors, from energy generation to nature recovery.

Green jobs are any jobs that have a direct, positive impact on the planet and that will form part of the low carbon economy of the future. This includes roles in renewable energy, manufacturing electric vehicles and other low carbon technology, but also entry-level jobs in horticulture, environmental management and home energy retrofit.

Over the past 40 years, Groundwork has helped young people and people experiencing unemployment to access green jobs and we’re ready to do even more in response to the climate and nature emergency.

Groundwork will play a leading role in the ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, ensuring that those we support on our employment programmes are fully equipped to access jobs within the green economy. People from every community, social and ethnic backgrounds must be a part of that revolution and feel empowered to step up and take their place.

To protect our future, every job must be a ‘green job’. This means that every worker must have a good understanding of climate change, the impact their work has on the environment, and how to reduce that impact.

In addition, Groundwork is ready to support businesses to adopt more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices.

As well as training and placing people with specific green skills into industry roles, we also support businesses get it right when it comes to compliance, resilience and sustainability and engage their staff on their own sustainability journeys.

Green jobs have the potential to provide long-term employment to thousands of people in the UK as well as creating healthier, happier, and greener communities for us all.

Local action, global impact



Supporting young people to be at the forefront of a new green economy.

Green Teams

Green Teams

On-the-job horticultural training to make communities greener and better.

Our Bright Future

Our Bright Future

Accredited vocational training to prepare young people for green jobs.