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Groundwork London Policies

Our Environmental Policy Statement

Groundwork London is committed to protecting, and bringing about sustainable improvements to the local environment. View our Environmental Policy Statement 2021

Our Gender Pay Gap Report

We view promoting gender equality in the workplace as an ongoing endeavour and we aim to ensure our recruitment and remuneration process continue to be aware and responsive to continuous improvement. View our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Our Modern Slavery Statement

With the development of a new strategy: Groundwork 2020, our ambition is to build visibility, our reputation and our resources so that we can continue to be a significant force for driving change in places and prospects in the local communities who need it most. We operate across the whole of London. In this spirit, we have published our Slavery and Human trafficking statement and set out the steps that Groundwork London is continuing to take to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain. View our Modern Slavery Statement. This statement will be regularly reviewed, and in the first instance after 12 months and thereafter at a time scale to be determined and in accordance with current practice and legislation.

Our GDPR Policy (2019)

Groundwork London will uphold people’s privacy rights and comply with legal and contractual obligations, while making effective use of personal data to support our charitable objectives. View our GDPR Policy, which outlines how we comply with the GDPR legislation.

Our Privacy Policy

Groundwork London is committed to protecting your privacy in all areas of our delivery. View our Privacy and Processing Statement.

Our Covid-19 Policy

As of 11th March 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus a pandemic. In response to this emergency situation, Groundwork London is committed to complying with its duty to provide a safe and healthy conditions for staff who remain working in our offices during the coronavirus pandemic. View our Covid-19 policy