Groundwork London

Teresa's Story

Project: Silver Linings

After many years supporting vulnerable people at risk of becoming homeless, Teresa was making plans to enjoy her retirement with her husband. They were set to move to live in his homeland of Spain. Tragically, this dream did not come to reality as her husband died following a short illness.

The shock meant Teresa sometimes found it hard to cope and traditional support groups didn’t suit her. This all changed when a friend introduced her the Groundwork’s Silver Linings project.

The project is a supported volunteering programme for people aged over 50 at risk of social isolation and is designed by people taking part. In each session the group create and upcycle materials that are donated to support local people. The friendly group and sense of purpose from doing something useful have really helped Teresa. In particular she has really valued the support of the Groundwork’s project leader, Clare, who Teresa credits with inspiring the fun and welcoming atmosphere of the group.

I was lost. But I’m not any more.