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Food Wave

Food Wave: Creating awareness of sustainable approaches to consuming and producing food

Food production and consumption is responsible for up to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Food Wave is enabling young people to join an international community of likeminded individuals, campaigning for sustainable approaches to food consumption and production, supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Collaborative Approach

The EU Funded project intends to give young people an influence within institutional decisions, working towards a fair and sustainable global food system by 2030. Local project partners consist of; Manchester Climate Change Agency, Sow the City, Met Munch and Groundwork Greater Manchester.

As a partnership we will work with young people aged between 15-35 years to understand the importance of climate-friendly food consumption, urban food-system models and related policy impacts, as well as pro-environment food consumption. We hope that our work will encourage young people in Manchester to change their food consumption behaviour and to actively promote the shift towards ecological and inclusive urban food systems.

Become a champion for change

Food Wave needs you and your ideas to help build our community and change the future of our cities. How? Street actions, creative activities, international exchanges, training opportunities, social gardens. Together, we are:

  • Creating a new alliance between cities youth and local communities
  • Taking action collectively in the fight against climate change
  • Give voice and power to young people

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Catch The Wave

Summer and Winter schools have begun in Manchester, with the first set of participants now developing campaign action plans using their new found knowledge.

APPLY NOW: Join our next wave of activists!

Over the lifetime of the project, Food Wave activists will participate in hands-on environmental projects and events, design and develop a range of campaigns and take part in the continued championing of sustainable food and climate change awareness.

We are looking for 30 x committed and enthusiastic young people (18-35 years old) to join the Food Wave programme for Manchester. Successful applicants will attend a 5-week induction course run by a variety of Manchester-based environmental organisations. To join, simply complete the application form below and return it to by June 5th!

You will be contacted on the 11th June to find out if you have a place on the programme. 

Food Wave Application Form – June 2021 

Food Wave Application Guidance