Greater Manchester

Personal Story: Shannah

Shannah's Story

“Before the Team programme I hadn’t been doing anything as I wasn’t that long out of school. I would just stay at home sleeping out of boredom. I was lacking in confidence due to my home environment and my school years. I applied for numerous jobs and none of them got back to me. This used to put me down as I didn’t know how to take rejection.

When I first turned up I thought it was going to be scary because I didn’t like socialising with people because of past experiences. My favourite part of the programe has been able to open up to people and gaining their trust instead of bottling all of my feelings up inside. I have gained loads of experiences in the past 13 weeks, certificates in AED and First Aid, improved my confidence and communication skills and gained some life time friends.

Now the programme has finished I am starting to volunteer at a retirement home so I can gain experience working with the elderly before hopefully moving onto an apprenticeship in health and social care.”