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Corporate Volunteering in London

Our practical volunteering opportunities have been paused due to COVID-19 and the ongoing social distancing restrictions​. However, there are still lots of ways to support us and the individuals and communities we work with.
Many of our wider projects and programmes have been adapted during this time and your employees’ skills and experiences would benefit these projects and participants through fundraising campaigns or volunteering skills and time.
We have also launched the Groundwork Eco-Challenge which is a fun and informative series of environmental challenges for your teams to participate in whilst working from home. 
Whether you’re looking for a one-off challenge day, or a longer term programme of volunteering, we’re confident we can offer your employees a unique volunteering experience. They’ll learn new skills, strengthen team relations and gain a great sense of achievement, while directly supporting local communities.
Who will you be supporting?
By volunteering with us, you can be sure to have a lasting impact on the lives of Londoners. We work with a wide range of people and communities in London experienced multiple challenges, including residents experiencing poverty, refugees and asylum seekers and elderly people at risk of social isolation. If you would like to support a particular community or cause let us know.
Where will the volunteering take place?
We have close ties with community groups and landowning organisations throughout London who need help transforming their open spaces. These might be sheltered accommodation gardens, open space on housing estates, community farms, schools, parks, woodlands or nature reserves.
Do your employees need any special skills or knowledge?
No previous skills, knowledge or experience are required. Our experts will guide you and support you to learn new skills during the day. On the day, volunteers usually split into a number of teams who work on a range of different tasks and often rotate tasks over the course of the day. You could learn about habitat management, biodiversity, horticulture, landscaping, food growing, carpentry, painting or other light building tasks, depending on the type of activity you choose.
What are the benefits of volunteering with us?
From our experience and feedback from corporate partners, we know your business and employees will benefit from volunteering with Groundwork. Your business can develop valuable links with local communities and make a positive and visible impact. Team relations are strengthened and morale boosted with everyone finishing the day with a genuine sense of achievement.
As a charity, Groundwork London charges corporate partners a fee to cover the cost of organising corporate volunteering event. This fee is determined by the type of project and the number of employees involved.
To discuss a practical volunteering opportunity with us contact Alex Forrester:  – 07912 273 730

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