Step into Nature

Monkton Community Woodland spans 4.5km of tracks, woodland paths and more than 30,000 trees and shrubs. Ran in partnership with The Land Trust, Monkton Community Woodland provides a number of vital links between communities and a wonderful network of green spaces and wildlife, as well as providing opportunities for volunteering and health activities.

Flora and Fauna at Monkton Woodland

Monkton Community Woodland is home to a variety of plant and animal species, here are some to look out for:

Butterflies: Dingy Skipper, Large Skipper, Speckled Wood and Ringlet Common Blue

Birds: Robin, Chiff Chaff, Wren, Goldfinch, Blue tit, Great tit, Long tailed tit, Bullfinch, Reed Bunting, Willow Warbler, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Sparrow Hawk.

Damselfly: Common Blue

Mammals: Weasel, European Rabbit, Field Vole, Grey Squirrel

Plants: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Orchid Hybrid: Common Spotted x Northern Marsh.

To find out more about Monkton Community Woodland please visit The Land Trust website.

Contact us to ask about volunteering at Monkton Community Woodland.