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Apprenticeships are a form of work-based learning that combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction. They are designed to help people acquire the skills and knowledge needed for specific occupations or industries. Apprenticeships benefit both employers and employees by increasing productivity, improving retention, and reducing skill gaps.

Groundwork Apprentice, Molly Wyatt with the residents of Roseway House Care Home, Jarrow.
For Individuals and Employers

We work with employers and individuals to offer apprenticeships to all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We help people to gain skills, qualifications and training in a role that is meaningful and rewarding to both the individual, and the employer.

Through one-to-one assessment and consultation we ensure apprentices’ are placed in the right role, setting and environment too meet their career goals.

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Groundwork Land and Farm Management Team supported three young people with apprenticeships during 2022, creating pathways to a career in land management.

Keon Burton-Calderwood, joined the team as an apprentice whilst studying horticultural at East Durham College. He attained a certificate in the safe use of a chainsaw allowing the Team to carry out greater scope of work within Monkton Community Woodland and the grounds of West Boldon Lodge. Keon has completed his apprenticeship and is now a valued member of the Land and Farm Management Team here at Groundwork South and North Tyneside.

Joining Groundwork as an Apprentice has really helped get my career off the ground. Being a new father, I want to provide a good life for my family, and Groundwork is helping me achieve this.

Keon Burton-Calderwood, Groundwork Apprentice
Benefit of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships offer a valuable way for you to gain practical skills and knowledge in a specific field, while also earning a wage and receiving formal training.

Apprenticeships benefit you in ways, such as:

– Enhancing your employability and career prospects by developing relevant competencies and qualifications.

– Providing you with mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in your chosen industry.

– Allowing you to learn from real-world scenarios and challenges, rather than just theoretical concepts.

– Giving you a chance to network with potential employers, colleagues, and customers, and build your professional reputation.

– Enabling you to earn while you learn, and avoid accumulating student debt or paying tuition fees.

Benefit of Apprenticeships to an Employer

An apprenticeship is a valuable investment for an employer, as it can help to develop a skilled and motivated workforce. Apprenticeships are designed to meet the specific needs of the industry and the employer, and offer a range of benefits, such as:

– Reducing recruitment costs and increasing retention rates, as apprentices tend to be loyal and committed to their employer and career.

– Enhancing productivity and competitiveness, as apprentices learn on the job and apply their knowledge and skills to real work situations.

– Improving quality and customer satisfaction, as apprentices are trained to meet the high standards expected by the employer and the customers.

– Filling skills gaps and future-proofing the business, as apprentices can bring fresh ideas and perspectives, and they can be trained to fill the roles that are in demand or hard to recruit for.

– Supporting social responsibility and diversity, as apprenticeships can attract a wider pool of talent and create opportunities for people from different backgrounds and circumstances.

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